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Any financial and physical support to the school is highly welcome
Wednesday, 1st July 2015

The school is on its way back to glory though some challenges still hinder its full potential. Among these challenges are;

  • Dilapidated structures. The school has very old and ruined buildings that were constructed in the 1940s and have not undergone any renovation after suffering from the two wars of Iddi Amin and Milton Obote. The school lacks an Administration Block. The current administration block (which is the face of the school) is very old and in poor shape.
  • The girls’ wing. The girls’ dormitories and rooms for their night preps are very ancient and old. Some even lack windows and glasses creating a very difficult environment for the girls especially during the rainy seasons. The situation at the girls’ wing is very worrying.
  • Improved computer laboratory. The school has a very small computer lab that is very lowly stocked. The few computers in the lab are very old and cannot match the current requirements hence hindering the education of the students competing at national level.
  • The school library. The school library is stocked with books of the 1970s with little or no modern textbooks. The library building is small and in ruins as well. This has continually led to complications in the service delivery to the students of the present age.

We therefore call on the Old Boys and Girls of the school, well-wishers and any charitable organizations/persons/agencies to render in a helping hand as we try to educate the rural Ugandan and fight illiteracy and poverty in Midwestern Uganda.