Word from the Alumni Representative to the B.O.G

I greet you all the benevolent sons and daughters of the Mighty Tiger-St Edward’s. It is a remarkable milestone coming up with the school’s website. With the ever demanding world of information, I think it has been prudent enough to come up with a much more convenient avenue through which information from our Alma mater can be conveyed to the rest of the world.

As OBS and OGS of this great institution, a tabernacle of intellectualism and discipline, the pillar of this nation (tested and true), we have a great role to play to propel this school that we call “home” to levels far beyond the horizon.

I am very thankful to our Old Boy Mr. Edward Nantamu (U.S.A), who sponsored this project of the website and for mobilizing the American community to support some projects at the school like the IT Centre. It is through this that I call upon all the sons and daughters of STEB to try to bring back home a token. We shall always be grateful for any contributions.

We need to build STEB together so that everyone may be able to drink from this source of knowledge.
May we utilize this facility ultimately.
“Honor Et Labor”

Old Students’ Representative
Board of Governors